3 myths of travel credit cards

So you do not miss the opportunity to explore the rewards that this form of payment gives you, I will explain what it is and what are the most common myths of these plastics. What are credit cards for traveling? They refer to credit cards (TDC) with special benefits on […]

Loan refused: how long can I retry?

The reasons why a loan can be refused are numerous, so before trying to make a request with another financial or bank, it is good to try to understand the reasons. These can mainly be of an income nature or linked to ” creditworthiness “. In both cases, for the […]

Credit for civil servants

Despite the fact that there is a special loan for civil servants, the so-called civil servant loan, civil servants are welcome customers and borrowers at all banks. Due to their status in our society, which is associated with non-termination, civil servants fulfill all the requirements that banks place on borrowers. […]